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My Focus Problem (aka Why I Have Lunch Reminders)

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This was an update that I posted to LinkedIn. I wanted to post this to my blog in the hope that it will keep me more accountable to balance my work and relaxation. Photo courtesy of Wix.

I realized that I have a focus problem at work. In fact, it got so bad that HR had to talk to me about it last week. The funny thing is that I always thought it was one of my best traits. That is because in my eagerness to do well at my job, I've been completely engrossed in my projects.

Just how engrossed?

Sometimes I would design a newsletter campaign or plan next week's social media schedule. After what felt like a few minutes, I would look at the time and I worked almost six hours without a break. When HR had to talk to me, I accidentally worked eight hours straight with no break, not even to eat. Since I legally have to take breaks, I apologized and promised to never do it again. Except I almost did it again the day after.

Even though I want to impress my bosses and make my workaholic mother proud, I know that I'm doing myself and my company a disservice. In trying to work hard to where I'm forgetting to eat, after all, I'm straining my mental capacity to actually focus and think creatively. I'll do my best to remind myself to become unfocused during my mandatory breaks. Welcoming suggestions from other workaholics on how to have breaks that help with productivity!


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