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One Year Later...

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I should take a nap.

That was my first thought when I came home almost year ago, dropping a box full of office supplies and folders in my living room. My internship ended with no offer of a full-time position, and in hindsight that was a blessing. My body felt heavy as I spent my shifts with varying levels of anxiety.

Every bone in my body screamed to leave in the days leading up to the end of January. Still, I was numb after I came into the office on January 31st and heard I needed to clean my desk and leave the building before noon. I didn’t have a job lined up. I had bills to pay. I dreaded telling my mom and friends what happened.

The former dean of my journalism school once called me one of its brightest students. And here I was, living with the consequence of poor judgement

Sometimes I wonder if I’m still living with the consequences of poor judgement, because being in an office environment that wasn’t innovation nor friendly towards those struggling with mental health led me to run towards freelancing.

Taking the dive was scary back then. I was (okay, still am) a person who needs to have 100 safety nets minimum.

And while 2018 wasn’t the smoothest year of my life, I’m grateful for the things I’ve learned along the way, both as a freelancer in digital communications and a Twenty-something who wants to understand herself and other people a bit better.

I’m blessed. I’m blessed to have people who encourage me to apply to things. I’m blessed to have a helpful network. I’m blessed to have clients who are amazing and wonderful. I’m blessed to be in communities that are thoughtful, collaborative and inspiring.

Those communities inspired me to write for myself consistently this year, and there are so many things I want to share and write about. My New Year’s resolution is to write at least 10 blog posts, and I can tell you right now that when you factor the topics I want to write about and the people I plan to feature on this blog, I will definitely meet that goal. I’m excited, and I can’t wait to share some stories in 2019.

Stay tuned, #amwriting


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