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Bots At The Convention

It has been crazy for me lately with personal things going on with my family and with my upcoming trip to the Philippines, so this is going to be just a quick write.

I was able to follow the conventions over the past two weeks. Between Ted Cruz refusing to endorse Trump to Melania plagiarizing Michelle Obama's speech, from Bernie Sanders calling the Democrat nomination to the Obamas' glowing endorsements, this has been one hell of a two weeks. I'm not sure I'll ever see such a tumultuous election again, but this election season is definitely one for the books.

From a journalists' perspective, I enjoyed to following the conventions. So much has changed in media since the 2008 election, and even from the 2012 election. Back then, Obama demonstrated the power of social media in elections. Yet, as was discussed at this year's V3Con 2016 seems to truly be the Digital Media election year.

In the years since President Obama took office, there is an increase in not only digital platforms, but also in accessibility to these platforms and in the integration of these platforms in daily life.

I barely got my Facebook account in 2009, and now it's one of the top sources where I get my news. Youtube was a platform to share funny videos or lyric popular songs, and now there are whole channels dedicated to telling the news both through edited content and livestream.

I mean, for the past two weeks I got a chance to interact with a Buzzfeed reporter robot on Facebook Messenger, which is totally crazy when I think of how far Facebook has come:


Despite the above, I actually really enjoyed interacting with the Buzzfeed Bot.

With tech, media and journalism melding together, it's an incredible time to be alive. The amount of media available on these conventions is overwhelming, but I'm going to leave a few links below that relate to what I've said about technology and convention coverage:

Looking forward to coverage of the elections in the next few months...but I'm also low-key hoping that my complete faith in humanity isn't destroyed by November.


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