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JOUR 486 is an Annenberg class taught by Professor Victoria Arriola. The course teaches basic techniques in Adobe Photoshop and InDesign. Professor Arriola has each of her students create a personal blog to track their progress throughout the semester. Definitely recommend for Annenberg students; this class made me  confident in graphics editing. For more posts, click on the link in the "JOUR 486 Blog" headline.

"Assignment #7: Midterm"

A World Beyond Valencia and Mayfair 

This week we went in-depth with using filters. In particular, we looked at creating smart filters beyond the liquify, camera raw and the noise filters we learned for the last assignment. We learned how to sharpen images, to navigate the filters gallery and to create layers of artistic filters to create images that seem like paintings or comic book graphics....

"Assignment #10: Charity Spread"

**Disclaimer, Not Official Spread For WWF**

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