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The Annenberg Innovation Lab is a "Think and Do" research tank at the USC Annenberg School for Communication and Journalism. They research the intersection of culture and media and its impact on government, education, businesses and consumers. I work there as communication assistant and manage their website and promote their projects on social media. To see more, click on the link in the "Annenberg Innovation Lab" headline.

"Profiling a Music Lover"


In conjunction with Annenberg Innovation Lab, Havas Sports and Entertainment recently released a study that might lead to more refined marketing strategies with just one question: "What kind of music listener are you?"


“Music is an extremely effective marketing tool for brands looking to connect with people – after all 98% of people around the world listen to music daily according to our research," says Fredda Hurwitz, Global Chief Strategy Officer of Havas Sports & Entertainment, "But the digital era has made things more fragmented and broader when it comes to how we listen to music and which genres we explore."


The study, the second of a set of yearly dives into fans and the things they are passionate about.....


"Annenberg Says Goodbye to AIL Founder Jon Taplin, Welcomes Dr. Colin Maclay​"

The times are changing at Annenberg Lab. USC Annenberg’s Dean Earnest J. Wilson IIIannounced in early April that Jonathan Taplin, the Annenberg Innovation Lab’s founder and executive director, will retire after this year. Dr. Colin M. Maclay, founding director of Harvard Business School’s Digital Initiative, will serve as the Lab’s next Executive Director.

The Lab recently held a private event to send off Jon in style with a Hollywood themed reception. Amongst Annenberg faculty and others who have been touched by Jon and his work through the Lab, Dean Wilson thanked Jon for his time with Annenberg, declaring that “This is Innovation Lab 1.0, maybe 2.0, and it's still moving forward......

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